die'nash nyzer

Leader of the fallen halfhorns



die’nash nyzer is the daughter of sargassio sealord witherbone and leader of the fallen halfhorns.


after learning of your possession of the tendershard crucible, die’nash revealed that the fallen halfhorns were aware that the faceless were smuggling goods from summerset to emberfast, just not of the nature of the cargo. she went on to explain that after bits of thane copperstacks started appearing around the city, her organization started digging deeper. in doing so, they discovered that the flock of legacy, one of the largest kenku flocks in feywin, had begun shifting members from summerset to gulenthore, searching for the very item you possess – the tendershard crucible. she went on to say that not just anybody could motivate ornery kenku’s unless their pockets were extremely deep or they had some kind of other leverage.

by piecing together the information found in captain riko’s ledger and details uncovered on the kenku exodus, she presented you with following possibility:

somehow, the seven has stirred the legacy into a flock hunt, the object of which is the tendershard crucible. now knowing what the tendershard crucible holds, you can only speculate as to what their true intentions are.

die'nash nyzer

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