doblin fu'larn

A mammoth tiefling and keeper of the fallen halfhorns



Standing close to seven feet tall and built more like a small mountain than a thief, doblin is the first member of the fallen halfhorns that you met. while he doesn’t seem to interested in most of you, he seems to enjoy the fire that burns in nowhere

Memorable Quotes:

“What would die’nash want with a couple of treeweeapers and a human. the only one of ya worth a squirt of piss is…" his eyes narrow on nowhere and he cracks a smile. “you, love.”

“Well fuck me with a flagon nowhere, i’m impressed. so is she."


You have learned that doblin is a ‘keeper’ of the fallen halfhorns trove. it appears that this means he is responsible for cataloging items that go in and out of the collection and somebody of his rank must be present when a halfhorn is viewing the vault of the fallen.

doblin fu'larn

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