elderlord vanthor

A dynish king, last of his line


killed by velden tenderborn, ending the age of the dyne. currently fused with the wild in the feydark.



elderlord vanthor of dyne was the final king of the dynish empire. he was slain in the battle of wraithwood after his army was caught between the tide and velden tenderborn. against devina monstad’s wishes, velden requested that his body was buried in the crypts beneath wraithwood, rather than burned along side the piles of slain dynish soldiers.

a product to the ritual you witnessed beneath the highhouse of tandus quint, vanthor appeares to have been fused into some sort of tree, and reanimated as a natural abomination. this towering entity shadows over emberfast and its roots spider into the planar echo that is the feydark. at lord tenderborn’s request, you have scouted into the void beneath it and stumbled through the vale, only to discover the remnants of his body.

it would seem that he believes he has been reborn, ushering in a new era of potential dynish rule. though his corporeal form remains twisted, he has used his newly found power to corrupt a myconid colony to do his bidding. adopting them as his ‘children’, he has divulged his plans to carve out a new kingdom in the feydark, in torog’s name.

  • sensing the tendershard crucible, he has asked that you release it to him, feeling that it stands as a dynish heirloom, marking his rebirth. in a colored gesture of good faith, he has shared the secret of mino’qual and its responsibility for the starfeon child uffizi’s capture. furthermore, he has permitted you ‘safe’ passage up his trunk, which he claims breaks to the feywild somewhere near cendriane. finally, he has also asked that you take the substrate of his ‘children’ and plant it in one of the shadows of the silent cities’ courtyards. he made sure to let you know that the psyche of he and his children are unified and any further harm to them will be met with swift justice.
  • you chose to reject his offer, and he has granted you unfettered passage into the shallows of the feydark, claiming amusement in watching you wander the labyrinthian caverns that spill into its depths.

elderlord vanthor

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