finnegan brambleshoot

Kind, awkward and more than just a bit quirky, you sense both a great deal of pain and power trapped within this mysterious druid.




A druid of the kin’tyne (the fel feasters) and champion to your rescue from the ruins of wraithwood, finnegan consumed the darkness that lurked in the empty tomb that once held elderlord vanthor of dyne. through gritted teeth, he made his retreat into the woods but not before gifting syracen a small bean and the instruction to bury it if she ever encountered fel of this nature again. and so you did when facing the thrall avonathemon beneath the high house of tandus quint. during your battle, the bean sprouted into the fairy tyx who, assessed the situation and made haste to find her master. upon returning to cruxwanes, you found finnegan conversing with octavius scuttlebutt. it was here that he invited syracen to assist in a tevlin wickwater purification ritual. impressed by her prowess, he extended an invitation to make her his ‘sprout’ and study the ways of his order.

Memorable Quotes:

“Good to see you sprouts are still in one piece! tyx was pretty sure that we would be scraping your jam off the walls of that pit!”

“Let us make our preparations. i believe i saw a heavyhoney beehive near one of the talos tributaries on the way into town. i do enjoy a snack of heavyhoneycomb while foraging for necessary herbs and tubers.”

finnegan brambleshoot

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