librarian glinth

The blind librarian glinth has not let his lack of sight affect his research of feywin



A gaunt man, adorned in simple brown robes, his empty gaze tends to search the walls aimlessly. his mind, however, couldn’t be sharper. glinth always seems to be accompanied by two hooded monks who assist him. the nature of their order is unknown to you.


glinth seems to hold knowledge that dwarf’s even raktess’ regarding the entity known as phng’xcth. while initially chosing an aggressive approach, raktess’ inquiries were quickly dashed as an aged glinth dismissed his brash demeanor. in an attempt to regroup and save face, raktess brought ming before the librarian and had him recite bits an pieces of the alien language that he was able to inscribe during the ritual. like a moth to flame, glinth was drawn to the conversation and began sharing shards of information, including a location of importance somewhere off the minnmore coast.

though crippled, it would seem that glinth holds a breadth of information and has seen much. he could easily prove to be any ally, so long as his life’s work is respected.

librarian glinth

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