A naityan rakshasa operating under the guise of shel'alva, the merchant king




mino’qual is the naityan rakshasa (night-yan rock-sha-sa), operating off of le grand sea-splitter. its true nature has only been revealed by the once forgotten memories of elderlord vanthor. harboring an ancient hatred, vanthor shared that in this era, like many era’s before, mino’qual bears the skin of a person of power, using his station to gently work the cogs of its mercantile machine. in vanthor’s time it bore the name of lord rehnar, and was forever a thorn in the side of the dynish empire; leading to lost land, titles and innumerable riches.

it was only in the slumber of death that vanthor heard the creature’s true name whispered along side its currently adopted persona. as he gestated in a dream state below the highhouse, his ears drank of several conversations between an unknown voice and the rakshasa. it was in one of these heated conversations that the guise was lifted when the unknown voice sneered and whispered that which should never be known.

mino’qual and shel’alva, the merchant king share the same skin.

  • through conversations with vanthor, you are aware that mino’qual was responsible for uffizi’s capture, though the reason still remains a mystery.


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