With tight braids drawn to the nape of his neck, this stranger introduced you to octavius after your prison break.



The architect of your escape from emberfast prison, nigel introduced you to his colleague, octavius scuttlebutt. though you don’t fully understand the dynamics of their relationship, they seem to have some kind of business arrangement. you have also heard him referred to as ‘nightwhisper’ in a hushed voice of reverence, though you are unfamiliar with the exact nature of that title and what it entails. that said, he has seen something in nowhere and offered to act as her benefactor to his caste if she so desires.

Memorable Quotes:

  • Cheers! to a well executed felony, aye?

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Uncovered Information:

  • Though nigel and octavius seem to work together, you can tell that nigel is much more lax in his interpretation of undynish law. he expressed interest in buying any items that you uncovered beneath the highhouse of tandus quint, even though octavius forbid theft of any sort.

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