The king that crawls, god of the underdark and the patron of jailors and torturers




torog is the god of imprisonment and torture, the lord of the underdark. how did this evil god come to regard himself as the monarch of the world beneath the world? not by any stroke of genius or master plan-torog stumbled into his ascendancy and paid for his power with his own blood and suffering. in the days of creation, the gods busied themselves with projects on the surface world, refinements to the places and beings originally treated by the primordials. many gods ventured a short distance into the earth. a few, notably moradin, went even deeper, but none of the gods fully understood the crude immensity of the world beneath the surface, least of all torog. in those days torog had a hated rival, a monstrous primordial named gargash. this creature wore many physical forms, but his preferred shape resembled a dragon walking upright on three legs with multiple chitinous limbs. like many primordials in those early times, gargash had no fixed suite of powers. he began experimenting with powers of torture and imprisonment, choosing the already enclosed underdark as his place of research. techniques of sealing things off instead of opening them up were a novelty for a creature with a primordial’s anarchic leanings. gargash’s experimentation drew the wrath of the jealous torog, who entered the underdark prior to the dawn war, seeking to destroy gargash (or at least slay him painfully a few times). just as torog entered the underdark in search of his quarry, the primordials took up their greatest weapons to begin their assault upon the gods. gargash, too involved in his own experiments, was left behind. torog knew nothing of this. he only knew that gargash was still below him and that he was making good time toward his target with few distractions. when he reached the depths, he found gargash conducting new experiments in torture on various children of the gods. the ensuing battle shook the tunnels of the underdark and broke open vast crevasses and passageways. gargash rammed torog with his great horned skull, pulping the god’s legs and pinning him to a wall. his victory was fleeting, though. with his horns jammed into the wall, gargash was vulnerable. locked in place with his enemy, torog chopped gargash’s forelimbs off one by one and scourged the primordial with their protruding spines. as gargash felt his strength disappearing, he cursed torog. with his last words, in guttural speech that torog could not understand, gargash achieved a final spiteful act by sealing torog’s fate to the underdark. under this curse, the god’s, wounds would never heal, at least not until the gods and the primordials lived in peace … and torog could not leave without dire consequence.


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