letter from delfanius trent

An old letter found in the soiled refuse below the highhouse of tandus quint


Dalf letter

Delfanius Trent, Second Magus of Archwitch
17th of First Count, Onset of the Palewind

- primary theory’s on the sundering -

I, delfanius trent, have decided it is time for a transcription of my theories on the sundering. after much research, i feel that i have enough evidence to support my case and place it before the magika community for review and formal debate.

it is known that when the primary planes formed, they were drawn from the firmament. there is plenty of empirical evidence as to the nature of these structures, our interaction with them and their relationship between each other. as arcane weavers, it is widely understood how we draw upon, or in some cases suppress, each plane to create cohesive magic in our world.

what i posit expands upon these facts and creates a sound magikal framework which forms an axis with centuries of related religious dictations. it speaks to why the veil between worlds is eroding, why we find concentrations of magic in some places and a rash of erredium rifts in others. i believe i have found a unifying theory that transcends, not only this world, but all worlds.

picture, if you will, feywin as a self contained membrane. while this is not a new theory, most believe that this body hangs in the void. as such, you have an emulsion of existence and nothing.

my first theory is that this void is not, in fact, empty but rather filled with a force that creates emptiness. while the specific purpose for its consumption is unknown to me as i can not speculate on the will of gods, demons or nature herself, we have written records, both religious and magical, of the void’s presence. furthermore, i believe it is eroding the delicate veil that separates the planes, causing worlds to seep into one another. i have named this force in the language of the primordials – phng’xcth.

now, one of the most fundamental laws of nature is that every force must have an equal and opposite counter force – lest up turns to down and oceans to fire. as we consider the existence of phng’xcth, so must we consider its counterpart. to find proof of one is to inherently prove the other.

on one of my studies in the dumblak mountains, i was escorting a band of drugar to investigate a large eridium rift that had formed in the crystal mines beneath their stronghold. as we neared the site, i heard something that even today, echo’s inside me. it was as if the mountain yawned and the very bones of feywin creaked with pressure from an impossible force. through the rift emerged what i can only describe as a tentacle; pale, slick, old; yet drenched and immense. it lumbered out of that planar chasm only inches at a time but with a force that could level land with a whisper. moisture, with the salinity of sea-mist spilled across my face as i allowed the towering monstrosity to violate my comprehension of it. perhaps it was fear and weakness in the moment, but i could swear i felt this otherworldly monument leech arcana from my very soul. a magus of 40 years, i would not have been surprised to miscast a cantrip in that moment. as the mountain crumbled around us and a foreign worlds sea spilled forth, i embraced sweet relief. had it not been for my drugar companions, a drowning death would be mine.

i fear to name it. i fear to know it.

i truly believe that our world, nay, many worlds are being subjected to forces beyond our comprehension. a few grains of sands caught in a celestial tectonic shift.

phng’xcth erodes and consumes for no other reason than to do so. it drinks of lesser gods and creates the vast empty.

the nameless fills these voids, forcing the tides of his endless ocean to create a shoreline in every world. who knows how far his domain stretches?

i fear for what happens when these two forces meet. polar opposites with no regard for trivial emotions like good, evil, right or wrong.

dare i say, perhaps after all this time, ultimately our fate is nothing more than eternal sea and endless silence.


letter from delfanius trent

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