Tag: fallen-halfhorns


  • doblin fu'larn

    You have learned that doblin is a 'keeper' of [[the fallen halfhorns]] trove. it appears that this means he is responsible for cataloging items that go in and out of the collection and somebody of his rank must be present when a [[the fallen halfhorns| …

  • die'nash nyzer

    after learning of your possession of the [[:tendershard-crucible]], die'nash revealed that [[the fallen halfhorns]] were aware that [[the faceless]] were smuggling goods from [[summerset]] to [[emberfast]], just not of the nature of the cargo. she went …

  • chorum

    Chorum is a [[the fallen halfhorns|halfhorn sightless]] that you rescued from the [[transitore de fer | transitore de fer]]. he considers you an ally and his words paved the way for your introduction to [[:dienash-nyzer | die'nash nyzer]].