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The planar bindings that hold feywin safe among the stars have begun to wither and fray. over the centuries, twisted energy has begun eroding the delicate veil that divides existence and few realize what it means if these wounds continue to tear. merchants and lords plunder and profit off the rape of arcana they do not understand as they slovenly spice their wine with its residuum. Meanwhile, as they grow fat and complacent, countless legions silently carve the world into new domains across axis’s immeasurable.

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While the party was carrying out lord tenderborn’s request for information in the port city of summerset, they returned to find emberfast besieged by the undead and shadowed beneath the canopy of a giant tree that blotted out the heavens. while most of the city lay abandoned, they managed to push their way to cruxwanes, before continuing to the front line; a lose fortification along the banks side of the talos. it was there they encountered gregor ashkeg and lord tenderborn commanding a hodgepodge of forces consisting of dawnlight paladins, emberwatch and militia. it would also seem that your employer, octavius scuttlebutt was managing supply lines from the float to front. almost as soon as you arrived and were being briefed on the situation, a mighty hydra erupted from the riverbed and began to lay waste to fishing schooners and trade galleons alike. as the murky waters drained into the cavity, chaos broke across the float. lord tenderborn was forced to turn his attention to the city, but not before stating the hard fact that this was battle of attrition. without any forward movement, it was merely a matter of time before the city was overrun. saddened by the probable margin of failure, he commanded you to venture into the darkness that seeped from below the tree and to succeed, where his scouts could not.


Summerset is on the brink of a shadow war as the faceless and the fallen halfhorns position their pawns. like a spark to tenderbox, the destruction of the transitore de fer has ignited the cities thirst for vengence. die’nash nyzer has pledged an alliance, forged from her appreciation for the safe return of chorum and her halfhorn initiates. as the wheels of war begin to grind, questions still linger. your companion ming dalius’ name has been smeared, his face stolen, but to what end?


At the request of velden tenderborn, and an imperiled emberfast, the party formed the vanguard in an attempt to stave the flood of undeath into the city. never did they expect their scouting mission to ford a weakness in the veil and end them wandering in some forgotten inlet of the ocean that is the feydark. it was here that they discovered the profane fusion of elderlord vanthor of dyne to the surrounding flora and ultimately, the base of a trans-planar tree that spanned the veil, from fey to prime. but even in undeath, the dynish lord gorged himself on his new found power. his roots spiraled through the rich caverns, feeding on the magically enriched substrate and it was only a matter of time before he enslaved the surrounding fauna, in the form of a myconid colony. by spiritually separating them from their old gods, he named them as his children and set them to rebuilding their colony in the folds of his ashen bark. when approached by the party and challenged, an ultimatum was presented: hand over the tendershard crucible and an escort for his fledglings to the surface, or face banishment and be sent wander the shallows of the feydark forever. after a discussion, the latter was chosen… and the descent begun.

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- Current Quests -

  • Major – Return galganax’s tomb to the feydark – 1000 xp
  • Major – Find the seven and determine the role they play
  • Major – Find a way off the coast of minnmore and search the oceanic expanse indicated by the librarian glinth
  • Minor – Determine who is impersonating ming, and to what end – 500 xp
  • Minor – Infiltrate stormcrow company’s hideout and obtain anything of value that could help secure safe passage out of the feydark. uzo has set your sites on the strong possibility of a cache of residuum among stormcrow company’s trove. also, it’s important to know that if this takes to long, you might very well have a duergar search party at your heels who would be less then thrilled at your presence – 500 xp
  • Major – Escort uffizi to finnegan brambleshoot – 200 xp (completed)
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- Provinces -


major cities – emberfast, summerset, gulenthore

discovered areas of interest – ruins of wraithwood, plains of estin, highhouse of tandus quint


major cities – kuz’dulast, gulfway, the port of farrowshead, gibbenswood

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