transitore de fer


- Transitore De Fer -

- blown to pieces by the party-

Originally, this lavish barquentine was anchored off the coast of summerset and operated as a well known faceless thieves den. toting the title of a private alehouse, the vessel was infiltrated by the party acting as pit fighters during a faceless celebration. its captain, a man by the name of rikos, was discovered discussing business with a shadowed figure bearing vaguely feline characteristics. he, along with his entire crew, were killed during the rescue of chorum and his fallen halfhorn initiates.

furthermore, in its hold, the young child uffizi was found. you can only assume that she was the ‘precious cargo’ that the figure spoke of.

Monsters Encountered:

  • Faceless Initiate
  • Faceless Shadowfoot
  • Faceless Goblin Grunt
  • Faceless Kobold Deckcreeper
  • Glug
  • Captain Rikos


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The ledger holds a comprehensive list, but it seems to be partially encoded using a sailor’s cipher that you cannot solve quickly. that said, as you are thumbing through the pages, a note drops out that is written in plain text and simply says:

t.copperstacks – t.s.c – vii
this entire line has been scratched out.

flipping back to the front, another line catches your eye.

o.scuttlebutt – but the rest of the entry is encoded
flipping back through the pages, you see at least six other entrees written in similar fashion.

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transitore de fer

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