charlie hammer


every time you think of nick “the gnome”, you think about charlie hammer. charlie is nick’s right hand, and the word on him is that he gets a small black dot tattooed on his skin for every person he kills, which is pretty fucking terrifying, because he’s as black as night. they call him charlie hammer because he carries an actual hammer – not, like a warhammer or anything, but an actual carpenter’s hammer around in his belt. he says it’s for teeth. you suspect he’s serious about that.

see, every time you think of charlie hammer, you think of the story of the the widow jane. the window jane worked at the gulfway galleon after nick “the gnome” took it over, and apparently after her poor husband’s death, she decided to steal from the till. she did it for a while, they say.

then, one day, charlie hammer took her out into the street and broke her hands off. just… SNAP! broke them clean off. then he looked up to the top of the building, shrugged, and left her there in the street. no one did anything to save her.

charlie hammer

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