Gloom dragon of the grey waste whose soul is entombed in the tendershard crucible



- galganax -

gloom dragon of the grey wastes


This creature’s soul has been trapped inside the tendershard crucible, the evil of which is slowly corroding its prison from the inside out. the child uffizi has informed you that this vessel was never intended for the prime plane. whomever ‘used’ the creature’s body, originally stored in the baneroot phylactery, has caused her spectral image to be cast back into the astral sea, to where all things return. here it is possible for galganax to slumber, heal and find a way to shatter her souls prison. more concerning, is uffizi’s observation that if any piece of galganax remains and the creature feasts of its own flesh, it will likely ascend into a dracolich. you can only hope that its sole remains were totally destroyed in the baneroot phylactery’s consumption and no one was foolish enough to keep a portion of her body on feywin.


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