lucky babinski

Get it? lucky?



lucky gets something like action points, but instead of a free action, it’s a success roll. just, boom, success.


i’m telling you, it’s spooky.

first, her family’s home burns down, and she’s the only survivor. then, her entire second story crew gets grabbed by the tin men, and somehow she comes waltzing back to the orphanage. then, she gets taken with most of the babinskis last year, and somehow she’s the only one that didn’t get hung, and again, she waltzes away.

good things just happen to her, right? but it’s not just that. think about it: all those things that went right for her? everyone around her died. I’m not saying it’s her fault, but it does make you wonder.

anyway, she’s the best second-story thief i’ve ever seen, so you’ll be lucky to have her on your team.

get it? lucky?

lucky babinski

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