octavius scuttlebutt

With an affinity for magical antiquities and his hookah, octavious's mischievous eyes continuously inform you that he’s one step (and probably twice as many coins) ahead of you.



currently your employer, little is known about octavius outside his ability to pay you; albeit with a knowing smile. when presented with the scroll found among the refuse below emberfast, he seemed quite distressed with its translation and apparently, discerned much more information from its contents then you were able to. after employing you to do some primary research at the ruins of wraithwood and subsequently highhouse of tandus quint, he seems to have fielded a request from lord tenderborn in regards to the dark work you uncovered. though not at your request, it seems that octavius has clout in certain circles and taken it upon himself to act as a liaison between you and the nobles of the city. to what end, you do not know.

Memorable Quotes:

“well that was quick. i don’t see why they even bother locking you up anymore.”

“i look forward to your return and remember, my pockets run deep so i would love any artifacts of dyne… to become artifacts of mine!” snort


octavius scuttlebutt

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