twitch babinski




did you know that there was a whole colony of insane bastards living under brannegan mountain? seriously. they lived under there, in caves, in their own crazy society.

all light was prohibited – no torches, no lanterns – not even the light of the moon. they had four days to our one, as well – living in weird shifts, waking every six hours to train.

they did a lot of training, i’ve heard, and for good reason. see, on alternate days – every other six hours – each one of them had to attack another one. it wasn’t like they had a roster or anything, either. no one knew who was going to fight whom. you would just pounce on someone when their guard was down. or, maybe, you would spend four hours stalking someone, just to realize that they had led you into a trap, and you were their target. i don’t know. i would probably be pretty messed up, you know? paranoid.

no one knows where they first came from, but one of them would show up at the orphanage sometimes, and pay top coin for the best sneak. those who know that they existed at all, though, know where they went. apparently, all of their training couldn’t save them when some hill giants came from deeper in the mountain and slaughtered them all.

you could ask twitch about it sometime, but i doubt he’ll tell you much. he was one of them. they came one day, and bought him, and took him away. then, years later, he showed back up at the orphanage, all covered in blood and carrying two hill giant straight razors.

he just went into his old corner, curled up, and went to sleep.

twitch babinski

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