tendershard crucible

An ochre crucible, hand hewn from onyx and obsidian with delicate crimson veins that spider throughout its cracked surface


You know very little about this item other than it was listed on the stained scroll that you uncovered beneath the city of emberfast and later, found resting at the foot of elderlord vanthor, enticing him to return to the living. nigel was able to trace the artifact to the hands of one, little john pinchpocket whom, giving the appropriate amount of encouragement, indicated that he was merely paid to smuggle the item into the mid-city of emberfast. his employer, one thane copperstacks, is said to live in the port city of summerset.

  • You have learned that the tendershard cruicible is said to have been born in the blood of the raven queen.

tendershard crucible

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