- Emberfast -

Emberfast is a medium sized city of about 2750 people and the surrounding countryside houses another 250 in the form of farmers and other smallfolk. while it is primarily comprised of humans, halflings, dwarves, elves and half-elves, its role as a trade port to the river talo’s brings all manner of travelers to its gates. the talos bisects the city which defines the border of its two major districts: the boroughs and the banks. the boroughs is the larger of the two and tends to house the working class and provide most of the commoners with their markets, taverns and storefronts. the banks is a smaller district which is home to most of the wealthier merchants and nobles. the amount of trade that passes through emberfast results in an extremely fluid economy. this same fluidity also makes the town a haven for crime, namely revolving around theft, fencing goods and exchange of illegal items. while the banks stays well protected with a healthy presence of the city watch, the boroughs can get dicey in some areas.


Emberfast is ruled by lord tenderborn. to assist him in running the city, he appointed a small council, comprised mostly of lords from various bankish highhouses. this body sees to the town’s public affairs such as commerce, trading and taxing.


The emberfast watch numbers 80 warriors who also serve as constables. vistin keep (the banks – South) serves as their barracks. lord tenderborn can call up to 400 militia at need.


candlekeep’s inlet and evenrest are pricier and offer better service; hammerhearth and cruxwanes tend to be a bit more seedy and serve more interesting clientele.





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