ruins of wraithwood


- Ruins of Wraithwood -

Past the gate, about half a mile down the road you notice fragments of rusted iron jutting from the forest of oaks beside you. as lightening peals across the sky and bathes the grove in brief illumination, you catch the faint shape of stone angels and devils peering back from the wooded cover. the ancient graveyard could well span more than a mile, but time has eroded its boundaries. as you cross the canopy line, you gain slight reprieve from the rain. in the distance, you see a large, dark structure approximately the size of a small house.

As you pad closer, the cold sweet stench of rain on earth rises from the forest floor and hangs, heady and dank. as the building comes into full view, you can see it is adorned with four hooded figures making up the corner columns. you circle in search of the entrance and find a steel portcullis bound by an ornate lock, crafted with the filigreed u of undyne. above the gate, a weathered cherub protrudes, holding a tome in one arm while the other is broken off at the elbow. its hollow eyes are forever transfixed at a place beyond you, starring, as lifeless as the tombs it guards.

A broken guardian of an antiquated line…

Or so you think… until it speaks.

Monsters Encountered:

  • Cherub of Dyne
  • Twig Blight Seedling
  • Young Phase Spider
  • Phase Spider Hatchlings
  • Shard Golem
  • Ancient Tomb Motes
  • Shadowtouched Wrym-Wisp


  • Weapon of Shared Wrath (Khopesh) – raktess
  • Vestiments of the Void – raktess
  • Dynish Rubbings – Ming
  • Cave Lichen – syracen
  • Venfly Mushrooms – syracen
  • 2 x Tapestries (50 Gold) – party split
  • 4 x Ivory and Gold Scroll Cases (20 Gold) – party split
  • 2 x Silver Necklaces (5 gold) – party split
  • 25 Gold 13 Silver – party split
  • Various Tomes Describing Dyneish Customs and Culture (50 gold) – party split

ruins of wraithwood

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