The crumbled remains of the dynish bloodline serves merely as the humus for the lands present lords. once a cruel and powerful empire, the dyne’s bred a seed of weakness into their linage through rampant inbreeding in an attempt to fulfill their unquenchable desire to form a bloodline perfect line. with merely a handful of battles, power was ripped from them by a group of three warlords who shaped the present face of the land:

the first was velden tenderborn, a grizzled warrior who led a peasants revolution that ended up slaughtering every dyne from emberfast to wraithwood. when he returned, he was granted the title of ‘lord’, given to him by the people who swore their fealty. a just ruler, lord tenderborn watches over the city of emberfast and its surrounding lands with a firm, yet just, hand.

the second was devina monstad, a tiefling war priestess who raised her army under the banner of vanua, the harbinger of woe and god of natural disaster and misfortune. citing the dynes a plague on feywin and needing natural absolution, she created a legion known as “the tide”. her journey south was a massacre and it was only when she met velden tenderborn at the wreckage of wraithwood that they agreed to lead their armies home and initiate formal discussions on new borders and titles. upon returning to gulenthore, she publicly dissolved “the tide” and took the title of lady monstad, guardian of the city. some say “the tide” still lives and is merely silent, awaiting their lady’s further instruction.

The third was shel’alva, the merchant king. though not directly involved in the physical conflict, the merchant king, controlled the largest fleet of trading ships in undyne and made the port of summerset his court. having a monopoly on the import and export of almost every type of good into the province and seeing war on the horizon, he cut off all supply to the dyne, rendering them vulnerable to attack with an inability to re-supply. after the war ended, shel’alva was left unchallenged by either lord and remained the unspoken king of summerset and the surrounding coasts.

Major Cities – Emberfast, Summerset, Gulenthore


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